PROGRAM DIRECTORS: Email for free access to the RMC Player digital release library.
RMC Player is the easiest & best way to present releases to Program Directors worldwide.
RMC Player is a Digital Release Library containing Dynamic Electronic Press Kits. Basically, it does the hard work of organizing & professionally presenting releases so Promoters & Labels can get to promoting & Program Directors can get to spinning!
“RMC Player provides the most effective way for me as a Program Director to spend more time listening to artists rather than spending time searching. It’s user friendly & it flows beautifully. It’s wonderful that the music is available in both WAV & MP3!" - PD Fred Harris of KZTS in Little Rock, Arkansas
“RMC Player makes my job a lot whole easier, & it gives me access to music across the world!” - PD Marcus Johnson of KPOO in San Francisco, California 
“RMC Player is the bomb! Such a beautiful site! You log on, & everything that you need is there!" - PD Pam Dixon of WEAM in Columbus, Georgia
“Revival Music Company has made a one stop shop to showcase their artist new music with their RMC Player to where a PD can see and review their artists music.”
- PD Reggie Baker of WPZZ in Richmond, Virginia

“RMC Player is a great site! - PD Greg Cooper of WMBM in Miami, Florida
RMC Player makes things easy for both Labels/Promoters & Program Directors! Labels/Promoters have a simple URL for branded, easy sharing & beautiful presentation of their releases while Program Directors have a digital library for easy browsing & access of all release media.
- Stop sending emails with multiple attachments
- No more keeping track of multiple file share links
- Convenient access to release media
- All release files accessible with a single link
- Dynamic presentation of your media assets
- Easy to download song files in any format
- Professional URL for sharing & promoting
- Mobile-friendly presentation
- Greater appeal to Program Directors
- Song tracking included
When we're done, all you'll have to do is tell PD's that you're on RMC Player!
Get Your Branded Site Up & Running
This is where everything starts! Our team will work with you to create and customize an RMC Player site specifically branded to your label including logo and brand colors. A custom & easy to use web address will also be included. Your site will be where Program Directors can browse and access your releases.

View a sample site here. (Cover links have been disabled for sample viewing.)
Add Releases with Dynamic EPK's To Your Site
This is the fun part! Submit your releases for Dynamic EPK creation and placement on your branded site for Program Directors to browse and access your release & promotional media.
Here's what included with each release:
- Electronic Press Kit development with dynamic content for easy access to release media & promotional content
- Track, Image, & Video file hosting included
- Song registration with Nielsen BDS & Mediabase
- Custom URL that goes directly to the EPK for easy promotion
- New Release email notification to all registered Program Directors
View a sample Dynamic EPK here.
(Song download links have been disabled for sample viewing.)
Email Jesse at or call 757-981-7175 to get started or ask questions.
Terrance Howell
Jesse Wood
VP of Operations
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